Our Team and Our Sports Coaching Commitments

Do you want to have a sports coach who comes to your home? Some of the cities are indexed on this page. The number of cities being too large, we try to add them as quickly as possible so that you can find your coach Information about our team of sports coaches. The recruitment of our coaches is based on several criteria. The quality of our sports coaches is for us a guarantee of quality towards you. You will find information on how to lose weight with a home sports coach, on sports coaching and back pain, why to use a sports coaching agency like StartingCoach, and more.

The commitments that StartingCoach takes to offer you quality sports coaches, and what is our vision of sport and home coaching. Bringing a sports coach to your home is not always easy, so we are committed

Do you want to take a home sports coach but want to make sure it is useful for you? The usefulness of your sports coach will depend entirely on your personality and your goals.

Our team is made up of dynamic sports coaches, with quality professional experience.

StartingCoach only offers qualified coaches, whose profile matches your needs.

Each of our speakers is rigorously selected according to the criteria of the founder of the company. With our founder’s experience in physical preparation and coaching at home, he relies on his knowledge as well as on research and new intervention methods.

Meeting your goals is our priority.

To achieve this, StartingCoach sets up:

  • Careful recruitment to offer you qualified and competent coaches
  • Permanent support until you reach your goals
  • Rhythmic and friendly sessions to combine pleasure and results

We take the time to talk to each coach personally, in order to offer you the one that suits you best. We know it; each client is unique and has their own needs.

It is important that the session is a pleasant moment of sport and relaxation.

We strive to ensure that sport does not become a chore for the customer careful hiring friendly and knowledgeable coaches, the establishment of various exercises.

We make it a point of honor to establish a relationship of trust between you and your coach.

This is why the StartingCoach team is constantly at your disposal.

You don’t know if it is useful for you to take coach sports at home? Is it an efficient investment? What will I use it for?

The role of the sports coach is diverse and will depend essentially on your personality and your way of approaching physical activity and more generally sport.

Do I need to be motivated to play sports? I find the will to practice, but I need to be shown the movements to work? Do I need to reach goals, lose weight, or draw myself?

The reasons you have for taking a home sports coach are many and can be varied.

The sports coach will adapt to your personality and your needs.

It will be a support for you in your daily work and your return to sport.

The coach will be a support for you both physically, with quality sessions, and mentally with sound advice to progress.

A sports coach will help you on a daily basis to achieve your goals.

The good reasons for taking a sports coach from StartingCoach?

Why take a sports coach at home StartingCoach?

He accompanies me from the definition of the objectives until their achievement

Qualified and competent sports coaches

The assurance that a professional will guide you during your physical activity

Getting to know your body better.