Guide To Becoming Professional Coach & Coach Training

Starting Coach Training

Coaching in many areas of work and sport is becoming much more common. In order to lift performance, it is in many cases worth aiming some intensive training at the worker, especially when they are a high earning executive, executive coaching is considered mandatory in order to raise their ability to perform at the highest level. Usually, their job is tied to securing contracts that will make large amounts of money for the Company.

Executive Coaching

These days Business Executives are highly educated and have spent years at a leading business college where they will have gained qualifications in their chosen career. Unfortunately, the impressive academic standard does not always translate to the workplace, so a whole new type of education is required. This is where Executive Coaching Singapore can make a difference and bridge the gap between College and top performance in the workplace.

The right coach will almost certainly have a Psychology Degree and an accredited Coaching Degree from a college.

The coach will assist the executive to identify and attain their personal goals and overcome any fears and undesirable habits. Because the Coach is trained in understanding behaviors he/she is able to rewrite and rewire some of the inbuilt prejudices of the Executive, freeing them to work in a more constructive, high-performance manner. The Executive Coach will work to re-align workings at a conscious and unconscious level and will help to dismiss any anxiety holding the Executive back in their day-to-day tasks. The Coaching process will take about six months, after which the Executive will be ready to perform at the expected level of the Company.

Executive Coaching Training

There are several types of coaching certification such as:

  • Master Practitioner of NPL and Hypnosis (NPL is Neuro Linguistic Programing).
  • Life Coaching and Behavioural Strategy Training.
  • Psychology or Clinical Psychology Degree

All of the above will equip the Executive Coach to practice. Sometimes on completing the chosen course the Coach may diversify and do some Career Advising which is also sought after.

Exam Coaching

Coach training has become extremely common as young people in their final years of school battle it out for the best University/ College admissions places. If the young person has weak marks in certain essential subjects like Math and English it will be essential to get them some coaching in order for them to achieve an adequate pass mark.

In order to reach this goal, it is a good idea to look for a coach who has recently completed the same course with very high marks, and an ability to pass on the knowledge and experience. The Coach will probably be a second-year University /College Student who needs to earn money and comes highly recommended by other families he/she has helped. They need to be good because they will be with your child about 4 hours a week for the whole year until your child passes the exam with excellent marks.

This style of Tutorial Coaching differs from NPL and Psychological Coaching in that facts must be taught and learned and subjects like Math are quite concrete with a strong knowledge base required. Academic success must be taken seriously and it will open the gates for your child’s future success if approached in this manner and could turn out to be the best thing you have done for your child.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is another form of NLP which helps people to achieve their goals. The benefits of ontological coaching will help to guide the process of Personal Development which is very useful in moving towards your chosen career. The different areas categorized are Health and Wellness, Business and Sporting Goals.

Sports Coaching

This is a different form of coaching involving either a team or an individual. Most Sports Coaches attend a Sports Coaching Academy or University and have a strong interest in a given sport. Swimming is a good example where the Coach will spend years with several top-performing Olympic hopefuls and will help them to improve their race times and work on their strokes. This is a very long and exacting process, and a lot of work is required on the part of the future Olympian, including being at the Pool every day at 6 AM in order to train before school.

Tennis Coaching is also extremely popular, as any player who is outstanding has the future ability to earn millions on the International Circuit, however very few make it in the end. The Coach puts in countless hours on the courts and charges accordingly.

Golf Coaching is also very sought after, many participants just want to improve their game, and look to the Coach to help them to develop a better stroke.

Team Sports

If you are Coaching a Team you will require a qualification from a University or Sporting College as the course will contain the element of Psychology that you will need to motivate the team. A Good Team coach is positive, enthusiastic, highly supportive, and goal orientated. You will also need to be a good communicator so that the team is in no doubt as to what you expect of them, and as the aim is winning, your security of tenure will be based on the team’s success. The team is continually required to train during the sporting season, so it is important that you have the time to be with them every day of the week to oversee their progress and to keep them motivated. If you are a good football player or basketball player being a Team Coach might just be the job for you.


If you decide to be a Coach the choice is now much broader than it was 20 years ago and it is a really interesting and highly skilled area of work.

Sports Coaching is definitely a younger person’s job, while Health Coaching program, Life Coaching, and Executive Coaching are suited to the more mature person.

It also helps in your choice if you have a few years of experience working in your chosen field as this will inform your ongoing practice in your given area and will give you a greater understanding of what the client is experiencing. For more information about coaching, visit